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Delicate and beautiful Shiraki Low table.

Through the transparent glass the light from the ceiling will highlight the beauty of the cypress. It is a glass low table stocked doubles as both the warmth and beauty of wood.

Both features and design "MikataTome".

Glass top low table made ??of a square timber. Wood is used cypress domestic. Frame and legs use a technique called three-way closure , we are joined by three of the wood is fastened processing ( 45 degrees). By reinforcing its legs in braces at an angle , and is suppressing the blur in the more robust. Leg in design has become the framework of the triangle is the sense of unity in a simple, consisting of three a total of 12 triangles.


幅:1200mm 高さ:420mm 奥行き:420mm 5本脚



In Japan it is said to be the highest quality as a building material. Processing is no dense and crazy on easy , it let a long time smell sweet the familiar smell of new construction is in Japanese.


Transparent glass that brings out the beauty of plain wood. Since the thickness of 6mm tempered glass , it can also withstand strong shock.

Natural paints

Paints using water repellent ceramic coating of the non-polluting which can keep the texture conifers. By penetrate deep into the interior of the tree , water repellency , and excellent resistance ability to antifouling. Keep characteristic of plain wood with paint that can take full advantage of the beauty of softwood , also for us to maintain long-term warmth of wood.

Furniture information

NAME Kakuzai Low table
SIZE Width : 1200mm height : 420mm depth : 420mm
MATERIAL Body: cypress glass : 6mm clear tempered glass
\ 90,000 ( tax included )

And grateful to the bounty of nature , making the best of things that Moraeru willing to everyone.

Moriya in the joinery shop consistently from since its inception , we are making things with wood.
Tree is made of the benefits of the sun light and water , we will continue to grow able to have a life. Wood is a natural product has the effect of healing and relaxation and is said to be the closest material to people.
As a person dealing with the tree , it must be treated with care and grateful for the blessings. By finishing neatly taking advantage of the material , and we believe that can be a high -quality product. Our role is to make the thing given joy to the person who was the order.
Precisely because they use long , in the ease of use of the naturally strong , and feelings that do not compromise in order to best product of more than expected , and encouragement in making things with a ambition to challenge new things.

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