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Wood furniture of Japan

Chairs the image of "THE SAMURAI SWORD"

Japanese sword with is , is a novel design that incorporates in a chair supple curvaceous.

The seat surface and reproduce the pattern winding of sword.

Mound chair of the handle ( mound ) refers to a place with a sword , bearing surface will have made by knitting by hand carefully the silk pattern yarn used in the pattern winding. As much as possible , extra wood will have been for those who were taking advantage of the curves stomach is omitted simple.

It is also incorporates the leg of the chair form of Japanese sword.
You will want to catapult grip.

You can also stacking to stack chairs and chairs.
It is convenient to carry and storage.

The entire photo  material: elm color: red , blue


Width : 1200mm height : 420mm depth : 420mm



Material Use elm domestic , elm There are features that it is difficult to crack lightly among the hardwood.

Elm you can carry in lightly woman of power.

Natural paints

Paints using water repellent ceramic coating of the non-polluting which can keep the texture conifers. By penetrate deep into the interior of the tree , water repellency , and excellent resistance ability to antifouling. Keep characteristic of plain wood with paint that can take full advantage of the beauty of softwood , also for us to maintain long-term warmth of wood.


You can choose from 7 colors.
Orange / red / blue / brown / green / white / black

Furniture information

NAME Tuka Chair
SIZE Width : 1200mm height : 420mm depth : 420mm
PRICE \ 95,000 ( tax included )

And grateful to the bounty of nature , making the best of things that Moraeru willing to everyone.

Moriya in the joinery shop consistently from since its inception , we are making things with wood.
Tree is made of the benefits of the sun light and water , we will continue to grow able to have a life. Wood is a natural product has the effect of healing and relaxation and is said to be the closest material to people.
As a person dealing with the tree , it must be treated with care and grateful for the blessings. By finishing neatly taking advantage of the material , and we believe that can be a high -quality product. Our role is to make the thing given joy to the person who was the order.
Precisely because they use long , in the ease of use of the naturally strong , and feelings that do not compromise in order to best product of more than expected , and encouragement in making things with a ambition to challenge new things.

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